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We are so excited to share with you our most recent project: the makeover of the Community Playroom at Women's Refuge: bcha Bournemouth. 
A lot of the families that come into the Refuge are escaping from domestically abusive homes, which takes incredible courage and bravery to do.
Running into the unknown can be scary, especially doing so with babies and young children. We wanted to create a safe, cosy, and comfortable place where Mothers could put their babies down, as well as educate and encourage play for toddlers and older children. 
Womens Refuge The Modern Nursery team


We think that few things are more satisfying than looking at before and after photos, don't you agree?



bcha Womens Refuge before photo


After photo Womens Refuge


Before Womens Refuge 1


After bcha Womens Refuge 2



With quite a few babies in the Refuge, we were tasked to create a soft floor area where babies could be put down safely. We added radiator covers as well as a Baby Bouncer so multiple babies could be in the space at one time, plus there is a nap-time opportunity (always a high priority if you ask us!). Finally, we added a Canopy  and Bean Bag to create a sensory tent using minimal floor space, whilst creating a cosy snug.



The Modern Nursery Puzzle Playmat - Mustard    Liewood Glenn Sensory Activity Playmat - Safari Sandy Mix   Nobodinoz Growing Green Baby Bouncer 


 Tom The Essex Handyman 

A special thanks to Jake our hands-on help from The Essex Handyman who helped bring our vision to life!


Creative Corner

In the other part of the Playroom, we created a pre-school style set up for toddlers and young children to learn and create. We created designated spaces for toys utilising Ikea Trofast Storage Cabinets as well as our super handy stackable Crates, and softened the look with Rattan Baskets for soft toys and dressing up costumes. 


Womens Refuge Creative Corner


Toy Storage Womens Refuge


Stacking Rainbow  Kids Concept Kitchen   Stacking Square  Stickstay Balloon Wall Stickers  Kids Concept 3 level Car park  Kid Of The Village British Isles Print




We did an overhaul of the Cupboard filling it with complementary coloured crates to organise Crafts, Stickers and Paints as well as boxed toys such as Puzzles and Games.


Crates Cupboard Womens Refuge  Crates Cupboard Womens Refuge2



Mini crate  Midi Crate Maxi Crate



 Just like an episode of "Changing Rooms" we held out until the end of the day to give the Refuge staff a grand reveal! The pictures speak for themselves, they were quite literally lost for words. The very next day, the families resident at the Refuge played in the Playroom for hours, for the very first time since Lockdown lifted. 


Grand reveal Womens Refuge Grand reveal Womens Refuge2  Grand reveal Womens Refuge4  Grand reveal Womens Refuge3

 For more of our Interior Design Makeovers see here.



June 17, 2021 — Laura The Modern Nursery


Suzie said:

I just want to thank you so much firstly for my gorgeous order, and most importantly for the work you have done. I myself have been a victim of domestic abuse and with 3 children having to escape that relationship was so tough. When you step out of a very horrible situation, from all the bad memories its people like you that make it feel like things will be ok.

From the bottom of my heart thank you. Love Suzie

Jo said:

What a wonderful job you have done. Is truly beautiful. Did the refuge receive products at a reduced price?
Kind regards

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