Our Playroom is finally complete...

 Designing the girls' playroom in the new house has been a labour of love. We have always lusted after a space where they could play undistracted, away from the TV and in a place they can lose themselves in for hours. As a parent, I've always dreamed about having a separate space I could shut the door on at the end of the day.

When designing the room, I kept it simple and followed these 5 top tips for an organised but well-loved space where imaginative play is the main focus.

The Modern Nursery Playroom

 Laura's Playroom The Modern Nursery

Keep scrolling to see more of the space and follow our tips for a kids Playroom that the children will love and grown-ups can enjoy and maintain (hopefully with a bit of help from small hands).

No. 1: Create a Design Feature

This is a space especially for them, so make it fun! First, inspire play through an innovative paint feature such as our sun mural, or introduce a charming wallpaper. Then layer in play zones to captivate their imagination. I chose the paint colour  Setting Plaster by Farrow & Ball, as I liked the juxtaposition of the sun (which traditionally would be yellow) with a more modern and neutral tone.

The Modern Nursery sun mural

Paint: Farrow & Ball Setting Plaster, Dulux White Cotton

 No.2: Design the room around the Storage

You need to be able to tidy away quickly and easily (hopefully with some help from small hands), so Storage is one of the most important things to consider.
What toys do they have, and how big are they? What ones do you want to hide from the eye (ahem, bright coloured plastic toys... we all have them), and what do you want to keep out of reach for parental supervision (paint, glitter etc).

My girls love Crafts, so we used the IKEA Ivar Cabinet to store colouring books, stickers, paint, play-doh, glue, paint and glitter. I used our stackable Crates inside to organise. Then we used the IKEA Trofast storage units  to manage their smaller toys such as Schleich animals, lego, dolls and accessories. Our maxi Stackable Crates are brilliant for larger toys that need a home, such as puzzles.

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The Modern Nursery Playroom Ivar cabinet

Aykasa Stacking Crates Ikea trofast storage

No. 3: Don't have a TV in the Playroom

This is our most common question; "should I have a TV in the playroom?" We vote no. Why? The TV will always be the dominant distraction, and kids will always default to it, meaning they never get lost in the wonderful world of inventive play.

Giraffe Bookcase

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No. 4: Create Zones

Divide your child's favourite toys and activities up into zones: for example, Arts & Crafts, Kitchen and Shops, Book corner. Once you've established these, work out which space lends itself to that activity and then create your zones. 
Kitchen Play
Kitchen and Shops Play
Kids Concept pavillion


No.5:  Leave Some Floor Space

Try to leave some floor space for open play; this will also help you tidy at the end of the day. There is nothing worse than digging tiny toys out from under sofa cushions, so we decided to forgo a sofa despite having the space, in favour of opening up the opportunity to create dens, play puzzles, and crawl through a pop-up tunnel; when we feel the need! 

Wobbelboard The Modern Nursery

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