Encourage independent eating with our simple weaning guide - packed with tips, tricks, and recipes from the amazing Annabel Karmel!

Many of us at The Modern Nursery are mums ourselves, and know all too well how tricky and confusing the weaning process can be. The amount of information out there is overwhelming, and worries about which method to use or which step to take next are completely natural for first-time parents.

We also understand that no matter how many books you’ve read or videos you’ve watched, sometimes kids just don’t want to cooperate. So we have compiled a guide of our favourite tips, tricks, and top products from our Mealtimes Collection to hold your hand through this process.

So here’s to our little ones: the bowl-throwers, the drink-spillers, and the unbelievably-messy-eaters - this weaning guide is for you. Including a signature recipe from the amazing Annabel Karmel, we can’t wait for you to get started on your weaning journey!

Liewood Silvia Smoothie Bottle 2 Pack - Golden Caramel Oat Mix

6 Months: Let’s get started!

According to the NHS, introducing babies to a variety of solid foods alongside breastmilk or formula is recommended at around six months of age. During this initial stage of weaning, we recommend meals that are small and smooth, and therefore easy for your little one to swallow. Recipes such as baby porridge or fruit purees; and snacks such as avocado fingers or soft sweetcorn fritters are nutritious and fun!

Our Liewood Eddie Silicone Bowl Sets are perfect for this initial stage, and feature the cutest animal ear detailing which your child will love. The Eddie Bowls come as a set of three sizes, and therefore suit any meal or snack time. These bowls are dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe. For weaning on-the-go, our Liewood Silvia Smoothie Bottles are perfect for transporting blended homemade recipes such as apple & pear puree, whilst out and about. Leakproof and easy-to-clean, these bottles make weaning your baby easy, no matter where you are, whilst being environmentally conscious as you can use over and over again.

We understand how messy weaning can be, and recommend our Liewood Merle Coveralls for little ones who are just getting started. Perfect for protecting clothes from big spills at mealtimes. Our wide range of coveralls are available in many fun and captivating prints, and feature elastic cuffs and a catch-all pocket.

Liewood Merle Cape Bib - Safari Sandy Mix


Liewood Silvia Smoothie Bottle 2 Pack - Golden Caramel Oat Mix Liewood Eddie Silicone Bowls 3 Pack - Apple Red/Rose Multi MixLiewood Merle Coverall Bib - Safari Sandy Mix    Liewood Silvia Smoothie Bottle 2 Pack - Apple Red/Tuscany Rose

By now, your baby is likely to feel more confident with eating, and may be ready to start leading their own weaning process! Our Liewood Merrick Divider Plates are perfect for this stage. Crafted from silicone, these plates won’t smash (no matter how hard you throw them), and can be teethed on safely too. At this stage, we recommend testing out snacks such as yoghurt, cucumber, or bananas, and topping up with purees as you see fit.

This stage is all about them experimenting and having fun with food! By letting them take the reins, your baby can find out what their favourite tastes, combinations and textures are. Our Liewood Liva Cutlery is perfect for baby-led weaning, and the small marks on the spoons provide your little one with an indication of how much of the cutlery has entered their mouth, so they know when to stop. How clever is that?

It is also important to encourage independent drinking. Our Liewood Neil Sippy Cups or Liewood Gene Silicone Cups are brilliant for this, and feature two handles for easy-gripping and non-tip studs on the bottom, making them difficult for your baby to knock over and spill.

Watching you baby gain independence in this way is so exciting, but continues to be messy the whole way through! Don’t fear, we have got you covered with our incredible Liewood Tilda Silicone Bibs with a catch-all lip, perfect for gathering more solid foods as well as purees and liquids.

Liewood Neil Silicone Cup


Liewood Eddie Silicone Bowls 3 Pack - Apple Red Rose Multi Mix


Liewood Merrick Divider Plates Pack of 2 - Golden Caramel/Sandy MixLiewood Liva Silicone Spoon 4 Pack - Hunter Green MixLiewood Neil Silicone Cup - Blue Wave Liewood Gene Silicone Cup 2 Pack - Cat Dumbo GreyLiewood Tilda Silicone Bib 2 Pack - Rainbow Liewood Merrick Divider Plates Pack of 2 - Rose Mix

9-12 Months: Family mealtimes

Towards the end of the weaning stage, your little one may feel ready to join in with family mealtimes. Not only does this begin to make things easier for you, but it is also a fantastic way of spending time together and connecting as a family. Our range of Childhome Evolu Highchairs can be adjusted to two table heights and have the option to add a leg extension kit. A tray that is adaptable in depth and an additional comfy cushion are also available, making sitting at the dining table or kitchen island easier than ever.

Although you may finally be seeing less food on the floor, we would recommend using a placemat at this stage. Our top picks are either Liewood Aura Placemat in Cat Rose or Panda Dumbo Grey, which will add a lot more fun to mealtimes for your little one!

One of our all-time favourite products here at The Modern Nursery are our Liewood Karina Pancake Shape Sets, available in Dino Mix and Animal Mix.

Annabel Karmel’s Breakfast Pancake recipe works perfectly with this product:

Annabel Karmel Breakfast pancakes


125 g self-raising flour
1 egg
125 ml milk
4 tbsp crème fraîche
1 tsps vanilla extract
3 tbsp maple syrup
30 g butter
Fresh fruit
1 g Salt (for taste)


Simply whisk together the egg, milk, crème fraîche, vanilla, and maple syrup; pour your mixture into our Pancake Shape Sets and flip until cooked through.

Liewood Karina Pancake Shape Set - Dino Mix

Liewood Karina Pancake Shape Set - Dino Mix

 Childhome Evolu 2 Chair - Nut/FrostedLiewood Aura Placemat - Cat RoseLiewood Karina Pancake Shape Set - Dino Mix

Tuck into your pancakes with our Sebra Stainless Steel Cutlery, which looks the same as Mum’s and Dad’s, but is much easier for tiny hands to hold.

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