TMN Puzzle Playmat - Mint, Grey & White

Created by and exclusive to The Modern Nursery: this modern puzzle playmat in contemporary colours is not only great to look at, it will prevent any head bangs on wooden floors in modern houses, and can be used from birth right up to 3 years in the playroom! Great for tummy time, learning to crawl, bottom shuffling and learning stand up. Put under our ball pits or Slides for older kids in the playroom!

Can also be transported with you and assembled in any way you like. Want a larger playmat? Just add more than 1 to your bag and expand the size!

Have fun creating your own unique space in the nursery, living room, kitchen, friends house, the possibilities are endless!

Materials: Soft but high quality non-absorbing EVA foam, 100% non-toxic and formamide free. 

Measurements: 16 tiles (8 white, 4 mint, 4 grey) Full playmat measurements 120cm by 120cm if assembled as a square. All tiles measure 30cm each and 1cm depth. 

Care: Easy wipe down to clean, use a baby safe antibacterial spray for more thorough cleaning.

Please assemble Playmat with the textured side up - this textured surface is treated to produce a non-porous, wipeable surface that provides more grip for babies learning to crawl and pull up. Please note that you may experience small bubbles on the underside due to the cooling process during manufacture. This is not intended to be seen and is not a fault of the product.


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