SnüzKot Pocket Sprung Mattress Extension Piece

The Mattress Extension Piece to turn the SnuzKot from Toddler bed into Junior Bed. To be bought with the Extension Kit. Slots easily onto Junior Bed mattress base next to your SnüzKot mattress.

Over 200 pocket springs independently react and adapt to your child’s movements during the night, ensuring a consistent and gentle support for a safe, sound sleep. The individual springs create a consistent, durable and long-lasting mattress, meaning no dipping or sagging. Waterproof panels on both sides of the mattress create a barrier to stop any accidents that happen during the night penetrating the mattress. 

Air-Flow technology to help control your baby’s body temperature, reducing the risk of overheating. Anti-allergy cover with Actipro natural treatment.

Materials: Cover: 100% Polyester (Oeko-Tex Certified – guarantees no harmful chemicals) Filling: Steel, Polyester and PVC. Mattress can be slept on even when the top cover has been removed for washing

Measurements: 68cm x 41cm x 10cm

Care: Cover is easily removed to be machine washed at 60 degrees, the temperature required to kill any dust mites. The cover also features Actipro, a natural anti-dust mite and anti-allergy treatment

Meets British Safety standard BSEN 716:2008. Toddler mode: This bed conforms to BS 8509:2008+A1:2011


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