The Modern Nursery

Pegboard with Shelves and Pegs - White

These amazing Peg boards are a modern and practical storage solution for kids rooms and workspaces. Made with the highest quality materials and workmanship, this multifunctional storage solution needs to be really showcased in your contemporary home! Suitable for any room: the playroom, children's rooms, hallway, office or kitchen. 1st Featured image is in our TMN HQ.

also available in Birch and Grey

Measurements: 66cm x 114cm Height by 66cm Width by 1.5cm depth. Mounted on the wall the Pegboard stands at 3.2cm floating depth 

Shelves and Pegs Included: 2 x large shelves (12cm x 32cm) and 2 x small shelves (12cm x 24cm), 3 Statement Pegs with round ends, 3 straight Pegs (9cm).

If you would like a variation on Pegs or Shelves, please do contact us

Materials: Peg Board is made from white faced, heavy duty birch plywood in vertical orientation. Fitted with split battens for wall mounting. Sturdy holes for accessories included.