Mini Be Additional Balls (Pack of 100)

Endless fun! Want to mix up your colours? Have different colours for different days or even already own the pit, just not the balls to go in it? Look no further!

100 balls made from the LDPE plastic: safety and odour-free. Diameter of the ball is 7 cm.

Available Colours in sets of 100:

Mint contains: Mint/Pastel Grey/White/Silver 

Night Blue Contains: Pastel Grey/Baby Blue/Metallic Dark Blue/Grey 

Pastel Rainbow contains: Yellow/Turquoise/Light purple/pastel purple/Mint/Baby Blue/powder pink 

Mustard/Grey contains: Mustard/Pastel Grey/White/Grey

Pink/Mint contains: Powder Pink/Silver/Mint/Pearl White

Monochrome contains: White/Grey/Black

Pink/Grey contains: Pink/Grey/White

Turquoise contains: Turquoise/White/Grey/Transparent

Blue: Bright Blue/Dark Blue/White/Grey

All White

Please note: this purchase is just for 100 additional balls. The full Ball Pit including 200 balls can be found here



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