Lorena Canals

Lorena Canals Aztec RugCycled Rug


A new version of Lorena's bestselling Aztec rug, now comes in a new RugCycled version with a raw style. The original design is transformed with a totally new, timeless look, making for an accessory that will appeal to the coolest kids… and parents!

RugCycled® by Lorena Canals is a collection made from upcycled rugs, giving a second life to cotton waste through timeless designs with a raw style. With RugCycled®, Lorena Canals has achieved a goal of zero waste, plus they have saved up to 90% water and energy in the manufacturing process!

Materials: 100% Cotton

Measurements: Available in 120cm x 160cm or 140cm x 200cm

Care: Machine washable at (conventional washing machine with a 9 kg capacity size)