Lauvely Jack the "one-eyed" Pirate - Blue

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Jack the 'one-eyed' Pirate! When Jack lost his eye and became lame of one leg, he left the pirate life and went to live in a little village by the sea. There he learnt to play the ukulele and to use his peg leg as a percussion instrument. Now, every night he amuses the moon and the mermaids with his cheerful songs.

He is knitted with soft 100% lambswool and hand embroidered. He is very special, if you take care of him, he will always be your friend.

Materials: 100% Lambswool, Non-toxic 100% polyester stuffing.

Measurements: 34cm height by 23cm width (arms stretched out) by 9cm depth (head diameter). Head circumference 35cm.

Care: Hand wash in cold water

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