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gg* Oekaki Magic House Sketcher - Cat

The classic sketcher with a beautiful modern twist - the same fun without the plastic! Oekaki means "drawing board" in Japanese. This magic board allows you to draw with the magnetic pen, erase and draw again endless times onto a 4 coloured background. Pull the little cat along to erase and use the circle, square or triangle shaped magnets to enhance your drawing skills. Use the mini abacus to count or tally your score in a game of noughts and crosses!

Presented in a beautiful cotton eco bag. Makes the perfect gift! Also available in Dog.

Age recommendation: 2 years+

Measurements: Height 32cm, width 31cm, depth 4cm.

Materials: Beechwood, PET plastic, magnet

Care: Please erase after each use. Please always supervise younger children and don’t press too hard when drawing. When placed in direct sunlight, the screen might turn yellow. Please note that in case the screen gets damaged, a replacement screen is available and can be purchased.

CE certified



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