Bibs Natural Latex Dummy Pack of 2 - Sand


You requested and we have delivered! We have been searching high and low for the perfect modern, high quality dummy suitable for babies and toddlers!

These 100% natural dummies are of premium European quality. The cherry shaped dummy is designed to replicate the breast shape. The vented collapsible nipple makes it easy for the child to squeeze the air out of the dummy, in which the dummy imitates the breast during sucking. The shield is made from Polypropylene which is a robust and lightweight plastic material. It is gently outwards curved to prevent skin irritation. It is equipped with air holes and a security handle. 

100% free from BPA, PVC and phthalates.

Comes in packs of 2 of the same colour.

Materials: Latex and Polypropylene.

Care: Sterilise each pacifier before use. Boil in water for 3 minutes and set aside to dry and cool. We recommend that pacifiers be used for 3-4 months due to hygienic reasons.  Do not use a pacifier that shows any changes in colour or irregularities of pacifier, because it is made of natural rubber, the nipple may expand a bit with use.  


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