Tips for travelling with children

Whether you are jetting off to sunnier shores or heading for a family day out. You want to know you are fully prepared and armed with everything you, and your little one, may need for the trip. There is nothing worse than realising you forgot one of the essentials when it’s too late.

Read on to find our must-have items that every journey needs.

Reusable Water Bottle

An absolute essential to stay cool and hydrated when travelling. Pack a bottle for a more sustainable, and cheaper option, and re-fill on the go. Your little one will feel excited that they can independently reach for their drink and a spout-type bottle helps prevent spills.

Little Dutch Drinking Bottle 400ml - Little Goose

Liewood Falk Water Bottle - Panda Light Grey

 Liewood Neil Sippy Cup

Tableware for snacks

As parents, we all know how many snack requests you can get in a day. And a hungry toddler is a grumpy toddler! Making up a lunchbox for the trip filled with easy-to-nibble food will prevent lots of mum, mum, mum, and the inevitable bag diving to find the treats. And don’t forget a lightweight plate set to make mealtimes run smoothly.

Liewood Franklin Foldable Lunchbox

Little Dutch Lunchbox - Ocean Blue

Liewood Paul Tableware Set - Cat Rose Blush

Mini Backpack

Keep all the necessities close by when flying or in the car. Hate carrying all the luggage? Now you have the perfect little helpers! The kids can have their own toys and travel essentials and they will love the independence.

Little Dutch Backpack - Little Goose

Little Dutch Backpack - Flowers & Butterflies

Little Dutch Backpack - Sailors Bay

Sun Protection

Stay safe in the sun with a gorgeous sunhat, protective sandals and a stylish swimsuit. Take care of your little one’s skin with SPF 50+ swimwear, and you can keep play lasting longer on those sunny days. Don’t forget the sun cream too. 

Liewood Cap - Danny Palms/Almond

Liewood Bre Sandals - Garden Green

Liewood Swimsuit - Amara Mini Leo Tuscany Rose


Small toys, beach games and books are all great for keeping distracted on long journeys. Think about small items that will provide lots of entertainment and multi-use toys that can create fun throughout your trip.

Little Dutch Stackable Bath Boats - Blue

Tonies Toniebox Starter Set - Red

Olli Ella Dinkum Doll - Pumpkin

Home Comforts

You can feel confident that your little one will feel settled and at ease by taking a few comforting items with you. These will help make kids stay calm on journeys and feel at home when staying away for the night in an unfamiliar place. 

Liewood Muslin - Lewis 2 Pack Peach/Sea Shell Mix

Little Dutch Cuddle Cloth - Little Goose

Isla & Fraser Organic Cotton Cellular Baby Blanket - Oatmeal Scalloped Edge

Here’s to sunny days ahead!

Now that you have the bags packed, let’s look at some tried and tested parent tips and tricks to help make travelling with kids easier. So you can sit back relax and focus on making memories.

Walk as much as possible around the airport or waiting area, this will tire out little legs and help restlessness.

Take a change of clothes in a ziplock bag, that way any accidents will be swiftly cleared up, outfits swapped, and the dirty items safely tucked away.

Don’t underestimate the power of snacks, pack double what you think you need

Small books, touchy, lift flap and noisy are all great for passing the time

Load up some music or audiobooks. An audio player or ipad can save you if meltdowns hit

A dummy, teether, tasty treat or drink can save little ears on take-off when flying

Sticker and activity books are fab for entertainment.

Pack small items and bring out one at a time for a little excitement on each one and to prevent boredom of the supplies

Save the favourite teddy or Muslin out of sight until you need to pull out the bug guns

Don’t forget to pack plenty of patience! Try not to stress or worry, your fellow travellers and those around you are more understanding than you might think

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