Dinkum Doll Hair Salon

6 Cute Hairstyles For Your Dinkum Dolls

We've seen first hand how much children adore dressing and styling the Dinkum Dolls. That's why we're sharing six adorable hairstyles for you to do with your little one on their Dinkum Doll of choice.

They might even decide to twin with their doll! We'd love to see their creations on Instagram or TikTok.

You'll need a soft hair brush and and a small spray bottle filled with water, plus some little elastic hairbands.

Happy Hairdressing!

6 Dinkum Doll Hair Styles

Dinkum Doll Sprout with a top-knot hairstyle

1. The Pineapple Top-Knot

Dinkum Doll Sprout models the most adorable top-knot ever. Also known as the pineapple ponytail.

Just brush the hair into one small ponytail, then sectioning out a few pieces at the front to create baby-hairs!

Dinkum Doll Pumpkin with sweet pigtails

2. Sweet Pigtails

Create the sweetest, tiniest pigtails by parting the hair down the centre and brushing each section upwards.

Secure them using small hair elastics. Dinkum Doll Pumpkin wears hers with twine.

Dinkum Doll Roo with a headband

3. Have Fun With Accessories

Accessorise with a headband, bow or hat.

Want to create some bangs? Brush your Dinkum Doll's hair towards their face, then sweep it to the side!

This sweet Dinkum Doll accessorises her dress with a matching headband.

Dinkum Doll Roo with messy hair

4. Loose Waves

Celebrate natural hair by spraying a little water on your Dinkum's hair and ask your little one to use their fingers to create a messy look. The aim is to make loose waves.

Dinkum Doll Tiny with slick hair.

5. Fancy and Slick

Dinkum Doll Tiny is ready for the party with her fancy slick hairstyle. You can recreate the look easily with a tiny bit of water and by softly parting the hair to the side.

Dinkum Doll Pocket with a spiky hairstyle

6. The Mohawk

Dinkum Doll Poppet gets ready to rock'n'roll with a rebel hairstyle! Section the hair in the middle to create a chunky mohawk inspired spike.

Did you know?

Since 2020 Olli Ella have proudly donated 1% of all Dinkum Doll sales to Save The Children. Over the coming months, donations go directly to Save the Children's efforts to help protect children caught up in conflict in Ukraine.

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