Marlowe's nursery

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When I visualised Marlowe's nursery, I had the idea that it would be completely different from the room I had designed for Alba just 2 years earlier. A safe haven that mirrored my current loves of children's Scandinavian interiors: classic furniture that has stood the test of time, ample dosages of birch plywood, whimsical prints, wooden toys: simple, beautiful and magical

The colour palette was inspired by the desire to strip back, simplify. Alba's nursery is loud and fun, pops of pastels and monochrome contrast. I wanted Marlowe's to be muted, dreamy and sleepy. Scandinavian in form and figure.

mood board Marlowe's nursery

The colour palette was inspired by a Print from one of our favourite brands Cam Cam Copenhagen; "Pressed Leaves"; lashings of Dark Rose and Grey, with accents of Mustard.

Marlowe and I on daybed Cam Cam Pressed Leaves Bedding

Cam Cam Copenhagen Pressed Leaves Rose Cam Cam Copenhagen Single Duvet Pressed Leaves Rose

The Paint on the Walls

Unlike Alba’s nursery, this room was by no means a blank canvas. 3 years ago it was decorated as our guest room, painted in the most amazing Farrow & Ball Stiffkey Blue. The colour was beautiful but regardless of what they say, it really did make the room feel small. Fast forward another year, and it was our fully fledged TMN stock room before we expanded and moved the business to a warehouse.

I knew that transforming this room, which housed such sentimental values for me (the room where I witnessed my business exploding beyond my wildest dreams) meant being bold: I needed to paint it light: a new era.

I didn’t want White so I experimented with Greys and decided on Dulux Night Jewels 5. A beautiful grey that has no hints on beige or blue, just Grey: and a bold Grey at that.

I kept the Walls simple and added some PÖM le bon homme Star Wall Stickers (using only the Silver Stars) and Mrs Mighetto Prints “Miss Ines” and “Miss Eva”

Marlowe's nursery Sebra Cot and Canopy

The Bed

We launched our Furniture Category in 2017 with reserved expectation. I wanted to add Furniture because I wanted our customers to be able to buy everything from us for the whole nursery. However, if I'm honest, I had reservations that this be a category that would ever lift off. Fast forward 18months and it is one of our best performing categories and we know why; ofcourse you can buy any old Cot bed, OR you can buy a functional Cot Bed that will last you for years. Alba, my eldest daughter has a hand-me-down Cot Bed, but she has nearly grown out of it, she is 2.

Sebra Canopy and Sleepyhead Grande

The Sebra Bed is a Cot with that has three height functions, the front comes down AND it extends out into a Junior Bed (the mattress even has an additional add-on section) that lasts until your child is 10years old. I repeat, 10 years old! Count those sleeps and we may as well have bought this in the first place - not to mention that it is utterly beautiful, the highest quality and a work of art. 

Accessorising the Bed

We used the Sebra Baby Cot Bed Sheet in Dusky Rose (the colour matches the Cam Cam Pressed Leaves Bedding exactly). There is also a Junior version of the fitted sheet for when you extend the Sebra Bed later on.

The Sleepyhead Grande. Marlowe had the Sleepyhead Deluxe+ from birth and hands down is a better sleeper than Alba who did not. It could just be a matter of different babies, but I think the Sleepyhead is a MIRACLE PRODUCT and it is the no1 thing that I recommend to new parents every. single. day.

Sleepyhead Grande La Cirque Sleepyhead Grande with Marlowe

I tried to wean Marlowe off her Sleepyhead one she had grown out of the Deluxe+ but to me, sleep is the most important thing so by day 2 of a lot of rolling and crying, I gave in and upgraded to the Grande. She has slept well from there on out. It is like her comforter, she lies down, she lean her head on the side and off to sleep she goes.

We got the Grande in Pristine White with a Spare Cover in Mrs Mighetto Print “La Cirque” because it is so exquisite and adds heaps of magic to her cot.

As well as the sleep, the most wonderful thing about the Sleepyhead Grande is that you can travel with it and baby has little to no idea that they are sleeping anywhere but their own bed, and they can play in it. I pop it on the floor during the day with some toys and not only does it protect her from her boisterous sister, I know if she falls over, she will not bang her head on the floor/bed/radiator. It’s the most amazing invention.

To finish the Cot, we also added a few Star Cushions from Cam Cam Copenhagen and some of her favourite toys including the Sebra Plush Bunny.

Hanging from the Canopy is the Sebra felted Clouds Mobile but during the course of the design, we also experimented with the Cam Cam musical Balloon mobile, both work so well in the space but the Clouds stole my heart.

   OYOY Noah the Giraffe  ferm LIVING wire basket

Over on the Daybed, we used more Star Cushions and then some statement pieces from OYOY: Noah the Giraffe and the Rainy Cushion. They are some of my favourite pieces in the room, so playful and fun yet beautifully made, and they make such an impact.

Single Bed with OYOY cushions

The Accessories

Where the magic happens. It doesn’t matter if you have a box room, a shared guest, or siblings room: Accessories are what make the difference. The first, and most important is the statement Sebra Canopy in Grey. A canopy makes for the biggest focus in the room: ethereal, dream-like and unisex. Drape over a Cot, a Reading corner, a Play area with a ball pit… we have seen it all and it always works!

Shop Canopies here

Loullou Display shelf Loullou Display Shelf

Loullou Birch Plywood Shelf

The Paint on the Walls Funnily enough, the Loullou Shelf was a last minute addition to the room and I think it makes the room. With limited storage space in this room, this is the perfect solution to hang clothes, bags, shoes and stack leggings, tops, books and toys. Not only is it super handy, it is completely beautiful. The detailed wooden hangers are so cute and dreamy, everyone stops to inspect them like a piece of art.

The shelf on top can be used for storage, even for day to day items like nappies and wipes! It can also be the perfect home for a shelfie display!

Shop the Loullou Display Shelf and Hangers here

Toys & Storage

By now, most of you will know our love for wooden toys: unisex and educational, with a long life span, modernised versions of traditional classics that can be passed down for generations: Alphabet Blocks, Puzzles, a Dolls House, a Fabric Book, a Stacking toy: nothing revolutionary – just toys that have stood the test of time brought up to date with modern day values.

The Ooh Noo Toy Chest is the perfect storage solution for Books in a small nursery, the Olli Ella Holdie House is a smaller, more compact Dolls House that opens on a hinge for the best in Imaginary Play. Likewise, the Luggy Basket I Natural is not only a toy that all kids love, but it can store blankets and toys as well. The ferm LIVING Wire Basket is also great for storing Toys but by adding the Basket Top it turns into a side table for the iconic Miffy Lamp.

The Cloud Playmat is from our Danish Brand That’s Mine DK and was a gift when Marlowe was born. The softest of velvet, these Playmats can be laid flat, doubled up or propped up against a wall as shown.

Thats Mine Playmat

Finishing Touches 

I always say that a bit of metallics and glitter always finish a room off, and no room would be complete without some sparkle from Lala Loves Décor. I still get asked weekly where Alba’s name sign is from and it was so nice to get Marlowe one. You buy the custom names direct but for the Moon Star this is an Exclusive TMN collaboration with Lala Loves Decor found here. The room also features the Glitter Acrylic Dream Eyes in Silver.

Lala Loves Decor

A labour of love and a room that demanded a big renovation from guest room, to storage room and now our second child’s nursery, I couldn’t love it more. Even though I designed it now as she is a baby, a time when I can only dream about the kind of person she will grow up to be, I feel like it reflects her personality so much. Calm and peaceful with sparks of bright shining light and love.

If there is anything you would like to ask about the project that we have not included here, please email us and if you like what you see, you can SHOP THE LOOK

Laura, Marlowe and the TMN team x

Blog post photography Emily Gray Photography, video edited by The Quick Brown Fox.