The Magical Wood

This is a story about loss, friendship and hope. The Magical Wood is set in a beautiful wood with a river wandering through. One cold and stormy day, the wind blew a terrible gale. The next day the tree family woke to find that Strongest Tree had fallen to the woodland floor and had sadly died. How would the tree family survive the seasons without the strength of Strongest Tree? Throughout each season the tree family are visited by a new animal, offering advice and support to the trees.

Review: "What a special book this is. To have something with such an important message that will help children to make sense of their grief is invaluable. I am sure this story will both open up the conversation and offer comfort to children affected by bereavement. Truly a lovely story.” Sarah Turner, The Unmumsy Mum

Measurements: 210mm x 210mm

28 pages




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