Wishbone Bikes and Ride ons: Everything you need to know!

June 01, 2017

Wishbone Bikes

August brings us the launch of new brand Wishbone Design and we couldn't be more excited about it! 

The story of Wishbone Design began in 2005 when two bewildered Kiwis, living in New York City expanded their family: Noah was already one and new baby Lulu was born. Wishbone is a family set up business which has expanded to be a globally recognised brand in the last 10 years. 

Dad of the family, Rich is from a small town in rural New Zealand. Not exactly a city boy. He practically lived in Central Park for two years  – on a quest for space and sky!

The first Wishbone Bike was born out of wanting to give the kids a taste of the childhood they had. When they were little, the grass was long, the air was fresh and the folks weren’t always watching. They ran where we liked, rode until dark and collapsed smiling at the end of a crazy day. 

Wishbone bikes

Everybody's making stuff - it's time to make less

And this is what we love MOST about Wishbone Design...

Wishbone challenge themselves to create designs that transform your experience, reduce consumption, deliver a positive environmental outcome, and bring people closer together. Nothing like aiming high, right?

The Wishbone Bike utterly re-organises when and how a kid learns to ride. In a single blow, it replaces multiple products you could have bought, broken and thrown away between ages 1 to 5. The Wishbone Flip has the same philosophy in mind.

Wishbone's idea is to design stuff that is so good it changes you, just a tiny bit.

Maybe you get outdoors more, or choose to walk instead of drive.  Maybe your toddler entertains themselves for a full half hour, or you finally have a toy that improves your interior design.  You can pass it down through each of your kids, and share it further when they’re done.  You’ll take the time to replace a part, and love the look on your little one’s face when you do the repairs together.

Maybe – just maybe – you’ll resist the temptation to ‘buy more stuff’ because what you’ve already got is great.

Wishbone Bike

Wishbone Bike


The Wishbone Bikes in both original and Recycled Edition Black are in "3 in 1", meaning that they are suitable from just 12 months as a trike (starting with 3 wheels) and transform to a 2 wheel balance bike with extendable height going right up to aged 5 for the original and aged 6 for the Recycled edition in Black.


Each product comes with paper assembly instructions, but it's often easier to watch a quick video nowadays, Wishbone have their own YouTube channel where you can watch assembly videos on all the products we stock including bikes, the Flip and the Wagon: find the videos here!

Wishbone Original 3 in 1 Bike

Wishbone Bike

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 Wishbone Flip Wishbone Flip Wishbone Flip

The Wishbone Flip: Push, Rock and Ride

The Wishbone Flip has an innovative flipping mechanism, transforming from rocker to push toy and ride-on in seconds!

Fully assembled in just minutes, with total manoeuvrability - Wishbone Flip is a gorgeous and playful addition to your contemporary family. Suitable from aged 1 to 5 and at just £120, this Toy has some serious price appeal!

SHOP The Wishbone Flip here

The Wishbone Wagon: Push, Pull & Drive

The Wishbone Wagon is another 3in1 classic designed by Wishbone Design Studio: It's a wagon, a foot-to-floor car and a go-cart all-in-one!

Pull & Steer from the front, push from the back, stow for downhill action! Can fit two children and even a parent! (takes up to 50kg).

Wishbone Wagon

Wishbone Wagon

With stowable steering wheel that actually steers, and hinged hatch door for foot-to-floor fun. Dual side mount handbrake for lefties or righties!

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The safety of your child is Wishbone and The Modern Nursery's top priority.

Wishbone have designed an exciting, innovative product that can offer your toddler and young child unprecedented freedom, independence and fun throughout years of physical and emotional development.

But the same product characteristics require you, the parent or child caregiver, to closely supervise your child at all times.  As everyone knows, bikes – including Wishbone Bike – can place your child in danger of injury if inappropriately used or inadequately supervised.

Proper protective gear should be worn while riding Wishbone Bike. This includes closed shoes, a protective helmet at all times, long pants and elbow and knee pads. Never allow more than one rider at a time. Active adult supervision is required at all times to reduce the risk of injury.  Use extreme caution at all times. Never ever use the bike on public roads or highways or in other areas where motor vehicles are present. Never use the bike on sloping areas or near steps, driveways, roadways, bodies of water, or swimming pools.

Check out our product care advice below to make sure your bike continues in good, safe working order for years to come. 

Wishbone Wagon


Inspect your bike or flip frequently to be sure its in good repair and all fastenings are tight. Normal wear and tear may make them loosen. Always store your Wishbone indoors overnight where it is warm and dry. Maintain your wooden toy’s appearance by cleaning with a damp cloth and using a wood wax or polish to maintain the wood finish. If your Wishbone Bike wheels are not moving smoothly, lubricate them lightly with a standard bicycle oil. We recommend you keep all tyres inflated to 20 psi, not more.


Depending on the model, we offer a 1 or 2 year warranty with any Wishbone purchase against manufacturing defects and workmanship. Within this period, we will be pleased to repair or replace free of charge any product or component that has a manufacturing defect. All you will have to pay is the shipping. Please keep your email order confirmation as proof of receipt. 

We hope you love our Wishbone Design products as much as us! Please do email if you have any further queries on products, safety or assembly. We are always happy to help.



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