The Launch of Ooh Noo

October 06, 2016

Ooh Noo Dolls Pram

October sees the launch of new brand Ooh Noo! A brands who's ethos is "Pure Love for Generations".

Ooh Noo was born when one of the designers became a mother. She wanted the best bedding for her children: well designed, made from pure materials AND that could be washed to infinity! Bedding that she could use for both her children: a boy and a girl. Something she could pass down to her grandchildren.

Children make their best effort to make as much mess as possible and us Mum’s are tasked to wash without mercy! Introducing Ooh Noo...

Children make a lot of mess and we are tasked to wash and tumble dry without mercy! Only the sheets that survived extreme testing conditions made it to the collection. Wash and tumble away!

Only the sheets that survived extreme testing conditions made it to the collection. 

As a mother, this is music to my ears. I love organic cotton but with a crazy 1 year old and a business to run, not to mention house chores, putting meals on the table etc etc, somethings (often) I forget to seperate my washing and end up ruining things. Beautiful things! This makes me sad. Ooh Noo show us that to be modern and beautiful, you can also be durable!

We are all about a focused assortment at The Modern Nursery and have curated a small but essential range of products from baby fitted cot sheets in modern prints and designs to modern wooden toys. 

Fitted Cot Bed Sheets

Ooh Noo Cot Bed Fitted Sheets

Geometric Web cot bed sheet in Monochrome

Soft to touch with fresh and modern prints we have a range of four cot bed fitted sheets to add the perfect finishing touch. In the UK, bumpers are not deemed safe for babies (for more information see Lullaby Trust) so a modern fitted sheet is the perfect way to add style to your cot bed whilst also creating a safe environment for your little one to sleep.

Ladybird cot bed fitted sheet

Ladybird cot bed sheet in Monochrome

Wooden Toys

ooh noo wooden dolls pram

Wooden Dolls Pram and Alphabet Blocks in Black

Expanding the range, Ooh Noo are now becoming incredibly well known for their modern and beautiful wooden toys including the cult dolls pram. This little wooden pram creates a lovely home for all of the dolls and teddy bears! Made entirely of wood, with the exception of the tiny tires on the wheels. Perfect for role play! 

Wooden Alphabet and Number Building Blocks

Alphabet Building Blocks

Alphabet Blocks in Black and White (mixed)

Learn the alphabet, to count, build, clap and stack all at once with the modern version of the old fashioned building brick! All the letters of the alphabet plus number 0-9 on building bricks, available in Wood with White and Wood with Black.

Memory Game

Ooh Noo Memory Game

Memory Game

I am seriously in love with this Memory game! 16 pairs of cute and memorable printed animals on easy to handle wooden tiles, a modern version of Snap! We will definitely be getting one of these for Alba.

To shop Ooh Noo FIRST sign up to our newsletter or send us an email You will receive a code on launch and you can shop the collection before the general public! 

We're so excited to welcome Ooh Noo and we hope you are too.

Laura & Alba

The Modern Nursery



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