The Launch of Nacotopocoto

November 10, 2016

November sees the launch of new decorative dolls brand Nacotopocoto! A brands who is bringing the most beautiful dolls to a nursery near you.

Nacotopocoto was born three years ago by designer Monika Acedanska. She wanted to create unique and handcrafted decorative dolls to compliment modern stylish interiors.

In three years the range has grown and some classics have become sought after collectibles, including Princess Fox and Ballerina Fox, as well as Mrs and Mr Cat.

Hand crafted, collectible dolls that are unbelievably beautiful

I came across these beautiful dolls by lusting after some well known nursery interiors on social media and became hooked, the detail, the fabrics, the glitter, and the bloomers! 


Valentina Bunny

Valentina Bunny £40


Swan £35

Mr & Mrs Cat

Mr & Mrs Cat £43 each

Nacotopocoto Princess Fox

Princess Fox £48

Nacotopocoto Ballerina Fox

Ballerina Fox £35

Rose Bunny

Rose Bunny £40

We're so excited to welcome Nacotopocoto and we hope you are too.

Laura & Alba

The Modern Nursery

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