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July 04, 2017

Sleepyhead® is the one product everyone has heard about, a lifesaver in the early days, the Sleepyhead® pod is something you won't be able live without, or bear to give up!

Reinventing The Womb®

The Sleepyhead® has been rigorously tested, using the best and most breathable materials to create a perfect microclimate for your baby. Research shows that the infant's proximity to parental sounds, smells, heat and movements is crucial for any infant's mental, emotional and physiological development. A baby kept close and safe and comfortable in the Sleepyhead® is only a breath away.

Sleepyhead Deluxe 0-8 months Pristine White


Sleepyhead Deluxe 0-8months Pristine white

Study shows...

"The Sleepyhead® Baby Pod represents a brilliant design that is specific in nature to stimulate an infant emotionally while having a strong influence on post-natal skill development.

Whether being used in solitary state or close proximity room-sharing, the strong porosity of the fabrics and materials used in the Sleepyhead reduce the risk of excessive perspiration for an infant as well as SIDS.

The Sleepyhead® provides a near-perfect environment for the infant to develop with their questing mind, moving on impulsive action in a safe environment".

Doctor of Pediatric Behavioral Studies, PhD, MD, MPH. Director of Clinical Pediatric and Special Needs Studies

Sleepyhead Safety Guide

Sleepyhead Standards & Certifications

Sleepyhead® & DELUXETM and GRANDTM have been tested in Europe and the US and Canada and proven to comply with all of the following standards:

    • Oeko-Tex certification, Standard 100, Class 1

    • All components Intertek tested for and proven free from harmful substances

    • Tested for compliance with US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008

    • Tension tested for 'Normal and reasonably foreseeable use and abuse

    • Bumper air permability according to BS4578

    • Resistant to ignition according to BS5852

    • 16 CRF 1632 flammability testing

    • Phthalate testing

    • Small parts and use and abuse testing under 16 CFR 1500.50

    • Heavy metal testing

    • ASTM F-963-11

    • California Bulletins 116 and 117 flammability testing

    • California Proposition 65

    • 16 CFR PART 1500.53(f) (1-1-12) (CAN)

    • CAN/CGSB-4.2 N° 27.5-2008

    • REACG certified manufacturer and assures that materials and processes are free from SVHC 
    • The DELUXE mattress pad meets with the AS/NZS 8811.1:2013. Methods of testing infant products – Part 1: Sleep surfaces – Test for firmness.

    • ASTM D3574-08 Sections 16 through 21 for Indentation Force Deflection. High ratio (= excellent support factor).


Sleepyhead comes in 2 sizes (Deluxe 0-8 months) for babies and Grande 8-36 months) for toddlers. It is multi-functional and portable, helping babies sleep better but it can also be used when they are awake as a baby nest or pod, for tummy time or even to use for safer co-sleeping.

DELUXE SIZE FOR 0-8 MONTHS (5 Prints available in total)
-Aids better sleep

-Reduces startle reflex disrupting sleep for newborns
-Mimics a womb for a new baby more than a cot/moses basket

-Transportable for downstairs naps, tummy time and playtime


Sleepyhead Deluxe 0-8M Mod PodSleepyhead Deluxe 0-8M Mrs Mighetto Lovely DaySleepyhead Deluxe 0-8M Mrs Mighetto Night Night

GRANDE SIZE FOR TODDLERS 8-36 MONTHS (3 Prints in total)
-At this stage you won't want to give up your beloved Sleepyhead!
-Great for Bed Transitioning
-Playing, Lounging & Resting


Sleepyhead Grande 8-36months Minty TrellisSleepyhead Grande 8-36months Pristine WhiteSleepyhead Grande 8-36months Mod Pod Monochrome

When we were reviewing our list of must-haves for a new baby, Sleepyhead® was up there at the very top, so we are so honoured to now be one of the first online only UK stores to stock them. If you have any questions at all about sizing, safety or even just which print to choose, please email us at


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