No Ties, No Rings and No Wrapping - "How to" for the simpliest Baby Sling around

June 24, 2017

Say Goodbye to complicated baby slings!

No knots, ties, buckles, clips or rings, Studio Romeo brings us a simple design, two loops of fabric that sit each side of your shoulders, and baby sits comfortably in the middle. Meets and complies with european safety standards.

Can be used from birth to 12kg in 3 positions. Outward facing from 2 months only.

Available in One Size (fits S-L) as it comes snug and expands to fit the wearer and baby. XL available, see below.

Watch "How to" videos here!

Size Guide

Height is shown down the side, weight along the top, the light grey section is our standard "One Size", the dark grey section is the XL, if you find the point where your height and weight meet, this gives a guide as to which size option you should go with. If you need XL, please email us to order

Size Guide baby slings

"How To" 

See the visual guide below or click here to watch some videos!

How to - Studio Romeo Baby Sling

The Founder Jeanne founded Studio Romeo when she wanted an alternative to a pram. Then, the baby slings market was dominated by cumbersome baby carriers that were more than 5m long in which she got all tangled up! She dreamt up the concept of two headbands that slip on either side of the shoulders, without knots or straps, a practical solution that adheres to all european safety regulations as well as being more trendy and more green than any other sling on the market. 

We met Studio Romeo a long time ago and loved the simplicity of the whole concept, not to mention that each print is modern and gorgeous! Now that I am expecting baby number 2, there is no better time to bring this new category to TMN! Now comes the hardest part, which print to choose? Here is a look at the collection...

All styles are £68 with free shipping in the UK. International Shipping available. 




Studio Romeo Baby Sling Grid


Studio Romeo Boho Print

BLACK (A classic that will never go out of style!)

Studio Romeo Baby Sling - Black


Studio Romeo Baby Sling - Navy Stripe


Studio Romeo Baby Sling Aztec Print

The world is confusing enough when you have a newborn, Studio Romeo makes life easier with a simple baby carrier that is chicer than anything else we've seen! Guaranteed to keep baby and Mama happy, we just LOVE.


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