Loullou at The Modern Nursery

May 03, 2017

The LOULLOU universe is a place where children's creativity and imagination can unfold, their imagination can be set free.

The Baby Gym was the first product in the LOULLOU range, designed to awaken babies imagination and encourage their appetite for exploring. Founded by a Copenhagen based Product and Furniture designer; Lærke Rune, all products are functional and beautiful, you can easily get lost in the whimsical world of Loullou from Wall Hooks and Shelving to Baby Gyms and Rattles.

Behind the Brand

The name “Loullou” were the first spoken words of the founder's first born daughter Karla. Before Karla developed her linguistic skills she found peace in a little simple silk scarf. It was her most precious thing and she cuddled it, stroked it on her cheek and nuzzled it between her fingers. She called this special cuddly silk scarf "LOULLOU". From this simple, soft and pure scarf the seeds for LOULLOU brand were sown and the name was born.

Forests matter and so does the health of our children.


To Loullou and to us, It is of the utmost importance that all products and manufacturing are from sustainable and organic materials, that is why all the wood used in the LOULLOU range is FSC-certified. Forests matter and so does the health of our children. LOULLOU only uses organic materials and paint in their production line and all products are easy to assemble with no use of adhesives.


Loullou modern baby gym

Baby Gym £80 (without toys)

Baby Gym hanging toyBaby Gym hanging toyBaby Gym hanging toy

Baby Gym Toys £12 each

Loullou wall shelf

Wall Shelf £68

When we first discovered the Loullou brand it was the Wall Shelf that captivated us. So whimsical, so simple. A beautiful way of showcasing your favourite baby or toddler clothes, a way to show off your keepsakes or favourites. From here, we discovered the Clothes Rail (below) and then the individual character hangers. That was it, we were in love!

Clothes Rail

Clothes Rail £115

Mr Bear Clothes hanger

Clothes Hangers £18 each (Mr Bear featured above)

Mouse Wall Hook

Mouse Wall Hook £18 for 1 Wall Hook

Finally, a category that we have wanted to expand into for a while: Wall Hooks. When we decorated our daughter Alba's room, we wanted a statement, modern and pretty Wall Hook to hang her sleeping bag on, instead of draping it over the cot every morning. Somewhere to showcase her beautiful items. Only now have we found just what we were looking for! Mouse, Cloud and Bunny Wall Hooks available in the collection.

Loullou brings so many beautiful, considered and functional products, all in the scandinavian design style. What's more, Wood is a real trend right now. We love everything about the range and we're so excited to welcome Loullou to The Modern Nursery. We hope you love it too!



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