Do you remember learning to ride a bike ?

How To Teach Your Child To Ride A Bike

Is your little one ready to try a bicycle? It can be tricky to master how to ride a bike but did you know balance bikes are the future? And we are here to teach you why.

The First-Go by Banwood is a contemporary, safe, durable balance bike designed to support your child’s development.

Help them master one skill at a time

Teach them at their own pace and make it fun

Ease the transition to a pedal bike later when the time is right

Banwood Balance Bike In Pink With Basket

So what is a balance bike?

The design of a balance bike promotes early cycling and mobility. The Power is driven from the legs in a walking motion and develops into a scoot-like stride as they pick up the skill to balance and stay upright whilst moving.

You will be creating memories for a lifetime as having fun is the aim of the game!

Banwood Balance Bike Navy

Why choose a balance bike?

As the design does not include pedals, you can focus solely on the balance and steering aspects of cycling. This makes the process easier, and you can start your bike journey earlier. In most cases, you can skip the training wheels altogether and transition straight to a pedal bike.

You can teach them to ride whilst gaining all these benefits too

Develop co-ordination and gross motor skills

Give them a sense of control and independence

Allow them the freedom to explore and grow in confidence

Children's Banwood Balance Bike In Mint

Why choose a Banwood First-Go?

Banwood First-Go is a beautiful 12-inch balance bike with an adjustable saddle and handlebar that can easily adapt as your kids grow. Featuring durable vegan leather grips and a removable wicker basket to bring your child’s favourite toys for a day of adventure.

Is your little one ready to start their journey on two wheels?

If you are ready for the next step, why not move up to a Classic Pedal Bike? Our Banwood Classic Bike features a lightweight alloy frame in gorgeous colours and 16inch wheels. You can Ride On to the next level and still benefit from the adorable wicker basket, bell, faux leather saddle and handgrips. And always there if you still need a little support, training wheels are included.