10 things you learn when you become a Mum

September 19, 2015

Alba and Mummy

The world of motherhood surprises us all, especially in the early days. Some of us don't leave the house for 3 weeks, others manage to make it out on day 3. Some of us never eat dinner at the table again, others have a lovely meal time with their hubby every night. All babies are different and all babies have different routines. One thing in common is that at some point we will all experience at least a few of the following;

  1. You will have a muslin permanently over your shoulder as if it is part of your outfit and you intended it that way
  2. You will learn to do almost everything with one hand, and be quite impressed by your new skills
  3. You will sing all the time, and possibly made up songs "i love you, you love me, we're a happy family" or the alphabet 4 times over.
  4. In the comfort of your own home, you will most likely have your bra on show or shirt undone an obscene amount of the time
  5. The stairs will be your new best friend
  6. You may have days when you only eat one food group say carbohydrates; breakfast; toast, lunch; sandwich, dinner; pizza
  7. You may have days where you eat 7 biscuits in a row
  8. You may have days when you eat nothing at all
  9. Even if you think you have it totally under control, we will ALL have a Charlotte from Sex and The City breakdown moment
  10. That one tiny person can be the most fascinating and endearing person you have ever met and your love for them is so deep rooted that even after the hardest day, their little face still melts your heart.

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