The Monochrome Nursery Trend

August 26, 2015

Russian Dolls There is a something going on right now… and it is monochrome. I know I am particularly interested in scandi style and so that comes as a given, but the interiors world is going monochrome crazy right now. It’s not only a massive trend in fashion and interiors, but recently the kid’s interiors scene has been loving a bit of black and white. You can see why, stylish parents are bored, bored, bored of sickly pink and baby blue and mononchrome is the perfect chic palette for a unisex theme. What's more, it is a super versatile option if you don’t know if you are having a boy or a girl. You can always add blush, mint or blue later, oh and maybe a bit of copper or marble textures thrown in for good measure!

Not only does black and white look great, it’s actually proven that babies find it difficult to differentiate similar tones at birth. All they really see are shades of grey and contrast, so black and white provides visual stimulation for your little one. Here are some of my favourite monochrome nurseries courtesy of the wonderful world of Pinterest;

monochrome nursery sissy and marley jill malek Sissy and Marley for Jill Malek monochrome nursery 2 monochrome nursery 3 monochrome nursery 5   Please feel free to leave comments or share. x

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